Response 2014

Evaluatie MD 2 Inalfa Europe. Afgerond in mei 2014

– ‘It was challenging with a good selection of topics for understanding the theoretical information, not too easy and not too difficult‘. Igor about training content

‘Theo was always very well prepared and always sticks to appointments. The teaching method in combination with the coaching sessions were very good. Theo knows his students very well, I liked this very much. This was the best way of teaching that I have ever had.’ Michiel about the teacher

`You really need all 4 perspectives to “complete all pieces of the puzzle”. Besides the feeling of completing the puzzle, I also feel more complete. Overall I feel privileged to have had this opportunity of broadening my horizon. Now the time has come to really put things in practice. I am proud of my achievements over the last year. Thinking about possible changes, I would like to say that sometimes the assignments were described (too) vaguely. Sometimes I did not exactly understand the expectations, but thinking this over myself (I did not ask for help on purpose) I learned more since you are not restricted in your scope. Secondly, we have had the opportunity of multiple lectures of all EMT members and also a few IMT. This I really perceived as adding value. Knowing what is happening within each discipline but also getting more feeling for types of leadership. To the question of taking the course I can reply with a resounding yes.’ Astrid: an overall evaluation and would you have taken the course if you had known what you know now.

‘Lectures: are an opportunity to meet Inalfa management and learn about the way of business and personality. Intercultural management: Inalfa is growing as a global company, so that knowledge is obligatory. Financial management: understand the company’s financial model.Robert: which part was most interesting?

‘Each part of newly gained knowledge could be used immediately’. Rogier: about connection to day to day practise.

‘Covey H1 & H2, crucial conversations‘. Giel: For personal development which part was most important.

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