Response 2017

Response 2017

We arranged training and coaching for several compagnies and foundations as VDLNedcar, LVO started. We’ve started two teamleader groups at Scania.
This year we’ve started a lot:

It has been a while. Were back at VDLNedcar.
Very interesting to know is that VDLNedcar has grown form 1200 to 6500 employees in one year. That also results in a nice assignment for Turma.  We’ve started an inhous learning academie at VDLNedcar. With 2 classrooms a cockpit and several offices.  The three group of Rayonleaders will start this year at VDLNedcar and finish in 2018.
At the end of 2017 four groups of coördinatoren have started a course of 6 modules and finish in 2018. This program contains a very practical approach. The coordinator has to apply on the production floor what they have learnt.
A Management Development trajectory has started and will continue all the way through 2018. This course has been updated. This is a very intens program that start with three themes, you, your team and the environment. In 2018 the other 4 focus points will start: Finance, Customer, Internal and Learning and Growing.


Teamleader group 5 and 6 have started and will graduate in 2018.

We’ve started some individual coaching trajectories at Limburgs Voortgezet Onderwijs.

Pierre Haesen and Juul Peeters joined the Turma team. The website and LinkedIn page was updated and be updated with posts and reviews.
Please take a look at 


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