In the Roman era a cavalry unit was called a Turma. In Latin Turma means swarm.  Turma is the ideal name for our company and its philosophy. This philosophy is:  develop and change yourself, but do this in the context of the company and the team in which you function. At the end of the day: You will have to do it! We can help, support, increase your knowledge and skills but you will have to do it, you will have to and are able to decide whether you want the change as proposed or demonstrated. And of course the surroundings in which you live and work will help you to change. If nothing changes in your surroundings, it will be very difficult for you to change by yourself. That is the reason why we believe in in-company training as a very effective way of change.

In the logo of Turma you see a gyroscope. This is an instrument used in airplanes and ships for measuring the balance. A gyroscope detects an airplane or ship changing balance and changing course. This example is also applicable to human change. When we are trying to achieve change it is important to leave the comfortable and traditional balanced ways. We will have to leave our comfort zone in order to change from unconsciously incapable to consciously capable. That is the starting point for change, because the measured imbalance is the input for a process of learning. In this way the gyroscope is the perfect symbol for Turma!