In December 2017 we got a text message: Can we talk about training of our people. VDL NedCar asked the question. They had huge ambition combined with a lack of training facilities and vision. After several conversations we started with three groups of Rayon leaders. At first till October 2017 but recently the management prolong this date. So now we train them in a program from March 2017 till March 2018.We are also going to train the head of the departments and the coordinator. The span of control at VDL is 400 people are managed by 25 people.

That is not the case for Scania Meppel. At Scania we finished group 4 and started with group 5 and 6 for new team leaders in a fast changing organisation. We decided not to change the program for these groups because the program in its current stage is very complete.

We finished the training for Schneider Electric. It was a great adventure to work with two logistics centre who both have different cultures. The finish was very interesting involving good presentations and a lot implementations. The course members were enthusiastic and pleased to do the presentations (and of course also to finished the course).


Fancom is a small company with a very innovative product. We started with the Balanced Score Card (BSC) and now they are trying to implant it in the organisation. Since this is new for them it will take some time.

Changes in the programs: We think that the programs for middle managers will not change very fast. We try to innovate and bring new visions in the program. Two very popular authors are of course Covey and Collins. Some of basics in literature we cannot change. But for instance the book of Ricardo Semler is currently very popular. However, we call it old wine in new bottles but nonetheless we still use the book if we talk a about teamwork and socio technics. Another change is the introduction of Jungs’ Inside Discovery. Some of you will recognize the colour interpretation of behaviour patterns. In the leadership program we have changed the module into a more historical view on leadership. Starting with Socrates and Plato and finishing with looking into more modern organisations in the IT world.


First we look back to 2015. Here we copy our statements of that year.
Now 2016 A new year with exiting expectations and challenges.

We start with the fourthScania teamleader training. Although we execute this program for the fourth time now we will change it. The general questions from Scania production Meppel was the design a program for implementing improvements on the shop floor. 2015 was already very successful in improvements by teamleaders. Now in 2015 the ambition is higher also due to the fact that Scania will introduce a new truck somewhere in the future. Everybody who now the truck industries know that this is always a very exciting moment. For Scania we will also finish the supervisor training in March. A couple of students will do then there TEDx.

For Rentex Nedlin we go on with the programme for production leaders. This is for Turma a new butt very exiting industry: laundry. A high tech company with customers in the industry, hospital and hotel industries. A company that has a major growth the last years and with the Turma program we will lower the control power in the organisation.

Again we start a program for Schneider Electric in Venray and Helmond. Indeed two groups. The logistics firms in the region of Venlo have a lot progress the last years. For Schneider we train the teamleaders and later we will design and execute a management program.

Indeed an exciting year 2016….
schneider electric logoRentex_Logologo_nedlin


2015 was the year of three big events:

1. We realized the MD training for supervisors for Scania. A big and succesful program. See also under media. We also realized a training for teamleaders, the third one, for Scania. Again very successful. New in that program was the integration of Kata (Toyota’s improvements theory)

2. The second big program was for engineers for Inalfa Roofs Systems. Three groups with in total 24 students. An introductions in management and personal effectiveness. The program was executed for mostly employee for the R&D department. Of course an international program.

3. The third important event was for a new customer: the start of a training for production managers for Rentex/Nedlin in Hoensbroek and Stein.

Article about Turma in the local paper of Scania
One of the modules in the MD supervisors trajectory at Scania had the title connection. This article has been published in the internal Scania company magazine and was written in January 2015. The article can be read by clicking here. The names of the modules are:
Module 1: Awareness
Module 2: Transparancy
Module 3: Connecting
Module 4: Improvement
Module 5: Deepening