We design educational and development programs. Our profession is to investigate the needs and ambitions of an organization. Then to design a program, to build it and to execute it. Examples are:
  • We have made numerous programs for NedCar in the course of the last twenty five years. A good example is the last program for VDL Nedcar: The so-called Trioloog (trialoque). The department manager, the coordinator and the manufacturing engineer form the management of a part of one of the factories. We aligned them in a session of a day.
  • For Philips we have made a workshop to introduce improving and improvement in several departments;
  • We have composed introduction training sessions for Bosch and NedCar;
  • We have set up complete training and education plans for Bosch and NedCar
  • In general we operationalize ambitions in organizations by way of training and coaching

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