Response, feedback, reviews.

Of course it is the best way of advertising to ask the student what their opinion is about the training, the application of the content they have learned and the total learning environment. Every training is measured so improvements can be made and because we enjoy the good evaluations.

Below some examples are published with the permission of the students. We apologize for the fact that most reactions of earlier years are in Dutch.


Responses VDL Nedcar:

Module 3: introduction of the organization:
Goodpoints: ‘the diversity in the presentations’, ‘interaction with the group’, ‘good information we should have had before’.

Reaction after Module2, conversation techniques, resume second module: ‘This time again a lot of learning moments. Before I am going to have a conversation I need the have the right goal before the start of the conversation. This means I have to know what I want to achieve. Further the use of the right techniques has helped me tremendously going into future conversations’ (Paul).

After module 1: ‘What I have noticed these last two days, but which I already knew about myself is that I am practical and not theoretical oriented. I lead on feeling, honesty and justice, sometimes with compassion and sometimes straight to the point. When I face problems in a process I am decisive and resolute, which is why managements trusted me enough to give me this function. I will have to change in certain ways, set priorities, map my goals, realize my goals and secure them. I also need to make new appointments with my superiors to create more room in my own function and working area, also to protect myself’ (Johan).

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