• We make educational programs that work. The impact of our programs is very large for every manager. Why? Because our focus is not on theory or beautiful models and methods but on your own work. We integrate the theory with everyday practice.
  • Applying knowledge is our focus.
  • We measure the effects of the training on your work. Are your employees more satisfied, do you have better results, etc? That are our major focus points.
  • Our clients expect more results from our training, more involvement and less waste of time and money. Our students expect more personal effectivity, efficiency and more fun in their work. We have proven that we can match these focus points in several different situations.
  • A development program starts with the investigation of the ambitions, both of the students and the company. After that we design the program and we will find the match between the different ambitions.
  • The execution is not traditional but with a lot of activities and different methods.
  • At the end of every development program we measure the results in the work of the student. Sometimes in the form of KPI’s and sometimes in the form of interviews or tests, etc.

Example of an ambition sheet (PQCD: Person, Quality, Cost, Delivery)

Example of ambition in terms of customer needs.