Training and development programs

We will be involved with the ambitions in your organization and then we go for the agreed goals… and we will achieve them.


Higher Management

Background – Higher Professional education, MBA or university
Aim – To bring the organization and the student onto a higher level
How – Innovation and education
Course length – One year: Combination of coaching (6 sessions) and training (10 modules)
Topics – Strategy, customer, internal, learning and growth
Assessment – Practical applications measured in daily practise by the company management.


Middle Management

Background – Lower and secondary vocational education, a lot of experience in the company
Aim – To understand and apply the basics of managementIncreasing knowledge, skills and vision(s)
How – A practical and ambitious approach
Course length – One year: 8 modules, 2 presentations about controlling own job and improvements in the organization
Assessment – Presentation by the student, assignments during the course, cognitive tests



Background – Upper vocational or higher professional education, high level of experience: mostly technical
Aim – Increasing knowledge, skills and vision(s)
How – Practical and ambitious training program
Course length – One year: combination of coaching (4 sessions) and training (6 modules of 2 days each)
Topics – Customer, conversation techniques bi- and multi-lateral, management, personal effectiveness
Assessment – Presentation by the student of achieved targets for the management of the organization


Train the Trainer

Background – Socially skilled, able to make graphs. Experience, mostly technical.
Aim – To measure and act on the effect of the training.
How – Very practical training.
Course length – Two months including 5 days training, using it in practice and 2 evaluation sessions.
Topics – My department, goals, measurement, Training within industry, setting up a training plan in four steps.
Assessment – Presentation by student of the realization and effect of the training plan.



Background – All
Aim – Several aims, people may not function properly, people have a difficult task for which they need some help, etc.
How – Personal sessions, a lot of ‘homework’ and sessions are restricted by clear and objective goals Short, practical and no nonsense
Course length – In principle: short 5-7 sessions
Assessment – Measured in practice by the coach and client.


Other Programs

Leadership trainings in one topic

Insights Discovery workshop

Practical improvement techniques


Development of technical programs

Introduction programs


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Video impressions

See below an impression what Turma has done in three years at VDL Nedcar. This will be shown in 5 short movies.

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